Yoga with Jenia

"By exploring our practice, founded on the cardinal elements of Fire, Air, Space, Earth and Water we realize the meaning of life is not  found in separateness, but in the abundance of yoga, where the global energy flows into union."


About me

I became a certified Yoga instructor in 2005, after a dance injury encouraged me to change path. Training in ballet from age 5 enabled me to discover the body as an extremely powerful yet delicate tool. Through my own rehabilitaion and many years of studying I found ways to emphasize simplicity of movement through breathing patterns making practice more effortless and productive.


Focusing on breath and core connection I aid and assist students with injuries, specifically spinal injuries, weight problems and general well being. Using knowledge of anatomy and the 

mechanics of the body I create and deliver yoga sequences with specific goals in mind.


In class we will use yoga as a way to clear the mind, tone the body and strengthen character while remaining soft and supple.

When mind, body and thought reunite, yoga becomes a moving meditation. Your body becomes fluid in stillness and your muscles and mind open in their most flexible way. You will experience congruence within contradiction. It is up to you how much you will glean from the secrets of yoga.

My Philosophy

The cardinal elements weave through our Yoga practice and lives. We use Earth as our support, to lay down roots and grow. Air is our fuel; it inspires lightness in the Asana and ignites the power of Prana. Fire consumes and creates heat, it burns away harmful physical and emotional accumulations. Water then cools and refreshes while flushing away the old. Space is at our center and is the mother of all the other elements. When you apply these five elements to your yoga and life you become more powerful.



Tuesday 12pm

Vinyasa Flow, suitable for all levels class.

This fluid breath and movement connecting practice on your matt, leaves you mind clear and your body free.

Wednesday 6:30pm

Yoga in the Park

Outdoors we practice an anusara based yoga fusion for all levels. The class sizes are small and allow for individualized classes that compliment the abilities of those in attendance.

Monday 10:30 AM

24 Hour Fitness, Honolulu

1680 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, HI, 96814

Membership Required but guest passes are available. Please call 808.951.7677

Wednesday 12:40 PM

Center Club @ First Hawaiia'n Bank

Sutable for all levels Vinyasa class.

With the fluid connection of movement and breath, based on classical yoga traditions, this class provides clarity of mind and leads to opening of your physical potential.

Thursday 10:15 AM

Chi Fitness at the Kahala Hotel

5000 Kahala Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

On Kahala Beach we practice an all levels Yoga Fusion.  Registration is needed 1 hour in advance.  Please call 808.739.8940.

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